Credentials storage

Having nightmares about storing and deplyoing the vulnerable configurations of your applications?
Lockbox might be the solution - an open source, cross-platform, made by developers for developers.

Encrypted data

Keep your application settings perfectly safe, as the encryption key is never stored on the server.


Access Lockbox HTTP API via any programming language or CLI by using native HTTP requests.

Cross platform

Run Lockbox literally anywhere due to the .NET Core framework cross-platform capabilities.

Open source

Browse the source code, report issues, contribute or fork your own version of Lockbox.


Make use of the raw HTTP requests to communicate with Lockbox.

  • Add new users and manage their permissions.
  • Create a new box that will hold the encrypted entries.
  • Use any type of the entry that you want (text, number, JSON, XML, YAML etc.).
  • Enjoy the secured & centralized storage of vulnerable data.


Take e.g. the application settings and keep them safely encrypted in the Lockbox database.

  • The encryption key is never stored on the server.
  • The encryption happens only once when the HTTP request is being made.
  • Save your entry by passing custom X-Encryption-Key HTTP header.
  • You can use as many different encryption keys as you wish.


Fetch the entry from the Lockbox which will decrypt it on the fly.

  • Perform a single HTTP request including custom X-Encryption-Key header.
  • The decryption happens only once when the HTTP request is being made.
  • Load the vulnerable data in your application whenever it makes sense.
  • Integrate .NET Core application with a single line of code.

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